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This just in: Delafield's sister planet, Pluto, in jeopardy of being downgraded!
This is really just in, Pluto, now a dwarf planet, expect higher property taxes.

We still got money!

Commercial buildings in need of renters.
Hearing some bad news.

Vegas and Delafield 


Hartland Sportsmens Club opponents circulate brochure - Gross out photo of gunshot wound on cover - I mean, who can even eat their supper and look at this?

It was in the mail box, along with all the other Wednesday garbage mail, you know, the supermarket circulars.  That stuff just usually goes right to the recycle bin.  But wait, here was a glossy brochure, with color photo...of what..this gutshot of that poor pregnant women who got nailed while eating at a nearby restaurant, and she was dining, al-fresco.That was close eh?

At issue, whether the Hartland Sportsmens Club should be granted a C.U.P, that is a Conditional Use Permit .   These folks who produced the brochure have gone social media on this also, there is a entreaty to: "Visit our Facebook page SAYNOTOTHEHSC."

The brochure further instructs that you should call, write or email your Delafield City Officials bemoaning a decrease in property values and so on.


Dreading the dredge: April 5, no dredging, expect silt.



Dreading the Dredge - February 21, 2011

Delafield Common Council votes on proposed Nagawicka Lake Dredging:
From an e-mail sent to some riparians:

"Last night the Common Council approved sending the latest plan to referendum.  The referendum will be whether the city should build a sediment trap for $1,250,000; $660K to come from general tax levy and $590K from special assessments ($100/yr, 10 yrs, all riparians)....get a haircut!
Referendum Support
The Plan B committee will work on the education and marketing of the sediment trap.  There will be more to come.
Something that can be done independently is to create a political organization in support of the dredging.  This would involve filing some paperwork with the city.  Once that's done, signs and flyers can be printed and..."

OK, so get ready to see more lawn signs and some flyers, and even some home-made signs in local business shop windows.

Some State Senator mails out newsletter - Then sends email saying no more newsletters - Printed in fine 'Republican Red' ink. - Would like to know how the guy got my email address
A newsletter arrived the other day from a 'Senator Neal Kedzie.'  I didn't even know the guy existed.  I mean we had received the congressman Sensenbrenner stuff, but this was a first.  Unlike the Sensenbrenner, Senator Neal uses real Republican Red ink for his mailings.

Senator Kedzie, how did he get my email address anyway? 

The Senator opined that we pay too much in taxes, that he had worked 'diligently on efforts to create jobs' and that Governor Doyle and the 'Democrat controlled Legislature' were to blame. 

Kedzie also noted his concerns that Wisconsin deer hunters aren't getting enough.  Through office contacts and an 'informal survey' on his web site he says he learned that nearly half didn't see a deer.  Well Senator, just spin south along Hwy. 83 and you can see them a plenty, some aren't moving too well as they have been hit by cars but they are out there.

The newsletter contains graphics consisted of pie charts that look like they have been printed on an older style printer, complete with jagged lines and hard-to-read call out copy.  Under a headline of '2009-10 Kedzie Legislation' there is a list of Senate Bill with names of 'School Bullying' and 'Musical Performances by Minors.'

Delafield Bank Robbed,  - No effect seen on property taxes.

hand over the Delafield cash 

We need to be careful around here these days.

Delafield Sentry Misspells 'espresso' - still tastes good-
Did the shoppers over on aisle 6 have an idea this was going on?

expresso..espresso...just give me my coffee will ya? 

NBC News - LIVE from Delafield - Reporter frozen - Snot Dripping from Nose - The Whole World is Watching -

We sure know how to treat visitors eh?  National TV viewers of NBC's Today show found out just how darn cold it is around here in December.  On the morning of December 10, for god-knows-what reason, the folks at the Peacock network thought that it must have been newsworthy to send some poor fellow of a reporter to our fine hamlet where he could stand at the corner of somewhere and somewhere else and tell folks, first hand, just how darn cold it is.

Cripes, what did I do to deserve this! 

Looking suitably frozen, reporter John Yang gamely did a voice over report of news footage coverering the recent hammer whacker of a storm that swept up through the midwest.  The local NBC affiliate, TMJ 4 has made themselves known around these parts as well, doing their storm coverage from the fancy gas station in downtown Delafield.

A post script:  Yang was seen on the TV just a few days later, looking in much better spirits, reporting variously from Washington D.C., New York and warm Los Angeles.


Dreading the Dredge -  Results in, Referendum Fails!
Nagawicka Lake Dredging Project: Wwe ain't gonna take this BS. no more taxes!ho pays? 75% of the cost to be absorbed by lake frontage owners and Bark River inlet property owners.  Is the mouth of the Bark River the best place for the silt trap? - The DNR guy says "no."

The mailbox flyers are flying in the Delafield Lake Country area as concerned citizens seek to make their voices heard.  At issue is the proposed dredging of Nagawicka Lake and surrounding areas.  The current plan would have frontage owners pick up the majority of the cost.  Also no mechanical weed harvesting would be allowed for a minimum of five years.  One flyer noted that the "silt trap at the bark River Inlet is not practical and  noted further the DNR representatives comment that "the only real way, was to control runoff and that the silt trap will only catch the heavier silts..."  Further: "...the silt trap will do nothing to stop the lighter silts that are the majority from getting into all parts of the lake."


Real Estate, such as it is.

"It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." - George Carlin.
Will there be a middle class left to purchase homes in Delafield?

At first look the real estate website Trulia seems to have some good news about the state of real estate for our area.  For instance, the average listing price is over $500,000.  However they also note that the median selling price is down over 9% and that there are currently 17,  foreclosure homes in the city of Delafield.

Then there is the article about the vanishing middle class published in The Financial Times and a mention of "...the Great Stagnation, a long-term decline in the fortunes of most Americans."  One grim paragraph notes that annual incomes of the bottom 90% of Americans have been esentially flat for the past 37 years.  A rise of only 10% over that time period.

The City of Delafield now has a Dollar Store and homes in the foreclosure process.  We can only hope that some home buyers are also on the way.

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